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I'm Ruben Jackson, piano technician, owner-operator of Jackson Piano Service, and Piano Technicians Guild member. Piano Technicians Guild is "the world's premier source of expertise in piano service and technology". As one of thousands of members of this international organization, I'm committed to ongoing advancement in my field, and meet with world-class piano technicians to discuss and study every aspect of the piano - from its invention in the early 1700s, through the latest innovations that make the modern piano an impressively expressive musical instrument, as well as the engineering marvel into which it has evolved. In addition to our commitment to continued education, Piano Technicians Guild members are held to a strict code of conduct in business practices.

I've been serving the East Bay since 2007. I'm sometimes asked by a new client what my day job is, to which I proudly reply: "piano service is all I do - full-time, five days a week".


I have hundreds of clients including home pianists, live music venues, professional recording studios, places of worship, and even a few rather famous musicians!


Services offered include tuning and many repair and maintenance procedures. Call, text or email for current pricing information, and be sure to read my five-star Yelp reviews!


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