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Piano Tuning

When tuning a piano, the obvious objective is to precisely set the note of each string - there are approximately 240 on every piano. Equally important is ensuring that the strings do not drift out of tune prematurely. A piano has not been properly tuned if the tuning isn't stable. My tuning technique is augmented by state-of-the-art tools, including a custom made carbon-fiber and titanium tuning lever, for a musical tuning that is precise and stable.

Historical Tunings

I also offer non-equal / historical temperaments in addition to equal temperament (the contemporary "standard tuning"). If you aren't familiar with different tuning options, or want to try bringing new character to your playing, you might be pleasantly surprised by taking a step - great, or small, outside of equal temperament.


In addition to tuning, I offer other services including regulation, voicing, soundboard cleaning, key recovering and rebushing, action rebuilds, and more.

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